are well equipped to help with our "Mobile Recording Unit".  We make it easy, and affordable for you to have a great recording of your
show, without adding to your burden of setting up your stage.

Home recording artists note:  Those of you using Cakewalk, Cubase, Pro-Tools, etc..., are probably somewhat disappointed with your
final results.  You find that your mixes just don't stand up to commercial quality.  The reason for that is simple:  you are an artist, not an
engineer.  If your recording is clean, but the mix isn't sizzling the way it should, Counter Clockwise Music offers a mix only package,
which we call "remote mixing".  You upload your project files to us, we mix it professionally, and return to you CD quality wave files
suitable for release.

If you are a solo act, or need more musicians for your recording, we can help there too!  We offer professional level bass, drums, guitar,
and keyboards.  Backing vocals too!

We know that every project and artist is unique, and we treat every project as such.  We can help you take that great idea, and turn it into
a legitimate, professional quality record that you can be proud of, and more importantly sell, or use as your calling card to record labels,
venues, etc...

Also, since as previously mentioned, all projects are unique, our rates are based specifically on your needs.  Please contact us for more
information, or to discuss your project and determine a rate and schedule.  


The Team at Counter Clockwise Music

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"Finally!  Affordable, professional, music production services..."
Colin Scallan, Dublin, Ireland - Counter Clockwise Music Client
Why are we here?

So, you're a great songwriter, or singer, or band.  You
have that next great thing, but the costs to produce
your masterpiece have left you simply daydreaming.

Counter Clockwise Music can help!  We offer a
fantastic studio, an accomplished producer, and a
skilled engineer, at unheard of rates.  The studio is
located in Dearborn, Michigan, just outside Detroit,
and is the home of countless hit recordings, going
all the way back to the heyday of Motown.

If you think that Detroit is too far away for you,
consider this:  We have worked with artists that have
come from as far away as Ireland, and saved money
doing so, including their travel costs.   Other clients
visit us from the Chicago, and Pittsburgh areas,and
have also found it to be more cost effective to travel
to Detroit, than to use local, less accomplished, and
more costly production services.   

If you are in the Detroit area, and would like to make
a live recording of  a special gig at that hot venue, we
Get your Counter Clockwise Gear
To all musicians who read this: Working w/CCW was a great
experience!  You will not be disappointed w/ their care and
professionalism in getting you the best recording(s) possible!
And no, they're NOT paying me to say this!  Great job CCW!
Dan Hess, Drummer on Bobby Pennock's "10,000 Stories" Album  
"Everytime I listen to these efforts I know that I made the correct
choice in working with Mark and Bob (CCW Music) and I have the
satisfaction of a sparkling new rockin' record."
Tim Young, New York City, NY - Counter Clockwise Music Client  - Read the full letter!