Mark Meisel, Singer/Songwriter/Producer
Detroit, MI

Mark Meisel's latest batch of song-stories,
"Farewell Old Familiar", will leave you satisfied
from head to toe. The album, which was
produced entirely at Counter Clockwise Music,  
is a collection of vignettes painted from a broad
pallet, to suit every mood. From the driving pulse
of "Gonna Be Me", to the
honky tonk strains of "The Mutant Curse", Mark
Meisel will keep you moving, grooving, but
mostly interested by his thought provoking
sketches of life here on earth.

As a founding member of award winning Detroit
band Opie's Dream, Mark helped color Detroit's
music scene throughout the 1990's. His
collaboration with Pete Costantino yielded the
much acclaimed "No More Time" album,
which was honored by the Motor City Music

Mark's potent guitar stylings and earthy,
smoothly-gruff voice, combine well with his
skillfully crafted lyrics, to put the listener in the

The title track "Farewell Old Familiar" is currently
receiving airplay, due to promotional efforts by
Counter Clockwise Music.

Note:  Mark's former band, Opie's Dream,  "No
More Time" album, is still available all over the
web.   You can search for a good price, but
here's the best we've found:
Here are some videos of songs from Mark's upcoming "Farewell
Old Familiar" album.  Double-click them to watch in full screen mode!
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Heaven Right Now
The Mutant Curse
Mark is a producer here at Counter Clockwise Music.  He also operates "The Lily Pad", a small project studio
where he works with solo artists to help them develop their sound in a highly creative, low stress, incense
infused environment.  Take a peek into The Lily Pad by clicking on the logo to the left.  A new browser window
will open to the webcam that peers tirelessly down upon Mark as he works in the studio.  No telling what you
might see!