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One Pre-production session with a producer to
organize the sessions in advance, and to advise on
the subtleties of arrangement, and performance
techniques.  Recording is a lot different than live
performance, and we will work with you to make sure
that you are performing in a "record friendly" way.
Tracking is done in our well equipped, and cozy
studio in Dearborn, MI.
Final mix
Optional mastering, and CD duplication services are
Complete Production Service
How would you like for your next project to be recorded in a world
class, hit-making studio, complete with producer, and engineer, but at a
fraction of the cost you would normally expect?   Who wouldn't?  
Counter Clockwise Music offers a complete production package for an
entire album, EP/demo, or single track.  Rates will be set in advance,
based on the scope of your individual project, but we bet you'll be
pleasantly surprised.  Not only will the rate be better than you might
have thought, if we agree to produce your project, it's at a fixed project
rate.  No additional, hidden charges, no unnecessary  anxiety.  We want
you to focus on your muse, not your moolah!  Here's what is included:
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