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Includes one recording engineer, one technician, and
all the necessary gadgetry.
One 6500W AC Generator - no need for a noisy power
source from the venue (which is a good thing).
Set-up fee: $75.00
Hourly rate: $150.00  
Advance stage plan requested
Three weeks advance booking suggested
Simultaneous, high resolution video also available
Mobile Recording Unit
Do you have a great gig in the Metro Detroit area that you'd like to capture
for posterity?  Counter Clockwise Music can roll up, hook up, and dial you
up for a pristine recording of your live performance.  No more quickly
rigged, and hissy sounding live recordings, you just do your thing, and
we'll do ours!  Use the finished, mixed product for your live album, demo,
or even to be able to critique your show.  Here's how the Mobile
Recording Unit works:
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