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Drums - $200.00/Song Note:  these tracks are
special!  They are performed by a virtuoso drummer,
and we send you nine individual drum tracks, each
perfectly recorded, and performed with uncanny
sensitivity to your music.
Bass Guitar - $125.00/Song
Guitar - $125.00/Song
Keyboards - $125.00/Part/Song - (if you wanted both
piano and organ, for example, the rate would be
Sax/Trumpet/Trombone - $130.00/Song
Violin/Cello - $150.00/Song
Harmonica - $125.00/Song
Backing Vocals - $100.00 Per Part, Per Song
Remote Musician Service
Maybe you're the next Prince, or Nine Inch Nails, and you have the ability
to play all the instruments, and sing all the vocals.  If so, this service is
not for you!  However, if you are a mere mortal like the rest of us, you
may want to add instruments that are not immediately at your disposal.  
Counter Clockwise Music can provide additional players for your
project at very attractive rates.  These players are top notch session
performers.  If you have ideas or suggestions for them, they are
welcome.  But even if you just
feel  that a piano or sax would add a
dimension to your work, but don't really know how to express your
intent, our players will CREATE great tracks that you can be very proud
of!  The best part is that you will OWN the performances - there are no
royalties or hidden costs to use our performers.  You just upload or
email an mp3 of your song.  We record the players, and send you the
wave files to plug into your digital home studio system.  Of course these
great players can be available for your
Complete Production Service
also.   The rate structure for performers is as follows, and applies to all
compositions six minutes in length, or less:
Other Services: Complete Production  Mobile Recording Unit   Remote Mixing
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