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Remote Mixing Service
So you have a home studio set up with the latest DAW, or music
software, a decent sound card, some fancy microphones, and the best
of intentions.  Still, no matter how hard you try, your mixes just don't
compare to commercial productions.  The reason is, the software does
not teach you how to mix, which is as much an art as, well......your art!  
Mixing occurs in the blood-brain barrier, somwhere between science
and art, and is not something you learn from your Pro-Tools or
Cakewalk help files.  It comes with experience, and lots of sweat equity.
 Counter Clockwise Music can take your project files, and mix them to
sound better than you thought possible!   We use a track/minute
calculation to price your mix, and there is a discount for multiple songs.
The average 3 1/2 minute song, at 24 tracks usually runs about $300.   
Here's what this package includes:
Username and password to access your own folder
on our FTP server.  You upload your tracks, and
download the mixes when completed.  Please include
a reference mix, so we have an idea of desired
relative balances
A seasoned mix engineer .
Producer on hand during the mixing sessions, to
assist the engineer, and to get the most out of your
Tracks will be mixed to 24 Bit / 44.1Khz  standards,
and a 192Kbps mp3 file of each track will be provided.
Two  mix modifications at no additional charge.

                               You never have to leave your home studio!
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