Tim Young
Tim Young, /Singer/Songwriter
New York, NY (Hell's Kitchen no less!)

Tim Young is known as the Hell's Kitchen
Rock 'n'  Roll Legend, and for good reason.  
Thousands have seen Tim's high-energy,
rawly emotional performances all over the
smoke free clubs of Manhattan.  His shows
truly are legendary for their unique blend of
rural rock with metropolitan sensibilities.  
Tim's songs are colorful and to the point.  He
makes statements about life, things we've all
pondered, but from his own unusual vantage
point.  Counter Clockwise Music is proud to be
the producers of Tim's latest album, "The
Cost", which is completed, and slated for
release in the Summer of 2008.  
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Tim's song "Wishing", from his
new Album "The Cost"
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CounterClockwise Music has recently completed production on Tim Young's newest
album "The Cost", which will be released on the "Not Fade Away" label.  This follows the
New York rocker's sophomore release, "RED", and represents a new direction for the Tim
Young Band.  Tim wrote us the very nicest of letters, and we thought we'd share!  Thanks

 A Testimonial Letter from Tim Young

There all all kinds of satisfaction in this life.  Some are easily reached and obtained and
others are more difficult or next to impossible.  Making music has always been a great
source of satisfaction to me that's not at all impossible   because I can sit down with my
guitar, play and or sing a song and feel really good about it.  I can work it.  I can play with it
and have fun.

Now recording my music is like cracking the cover on a brand new book; one doesn't
know what one may find inside.  Fortunately, for my new album, The Cost, fate pointed me
to the state of Michigan, of all places, and to, specifically Mark Meisel and Bob Becker of
Counterclockwise Music.  The new 'book,' if you will.  

I live in New York City so I even surprised myself a bit by choosing to record my project so
far out of town.  But, frankly, after speaking with Mark on the phone several times,  his
enthusiasm and understanding of my ideas for the project, made it easy to decide that I
had to get on line and purchase some plane tickets for Detroit.

My drummer, Sand Edwards, and I were treated exceptionally well from the first evening
when we were taken out for supper to meet what would become our new friends and
associates.  Mark and Bob assured us that we would work hard, which is what we went
out there to do, and finish the recording of basic tracks for thirteen songs and all the lead
vocals in one week which is exactly what happened.

Of course what made the recording experience very satisfying from day one was the
sounds that Bob Becker was capturing.  Great care was taken to get the drums and guitar
sounds the way they needed to be.  We experimented with several ways to go about
getting the best tracks and when we found it then we really knocked the stuff out.

While Bob was actually recording us, Mark saw to it that the energy and vibe of the
sessions remained on an exceptionally high level so that our performances were kept at
the highest peak levels.  No amount of recording tricks can veil poor performances and
this was never an issue.

Now this project was not completed 'overnight.'  Once we were back in New York, Mark
still had all his parts to add to embellish thirteen songs and then we had to mix.  It was a
struggle very often to reach that point of satisfaction in each song but we all worked hard
and overtime to achieve the desired results.  Overtime is the key word here.  I knew I didn't
care about the clock but discovering two other awesome talents that also were tireless in
their efforts to get things 'right' made all the time spent on this project, well, satisfying.  
Very satisfying.

My new album, The Cost is finished now, I was even pointed to the console of an
excellent mastering engineer through the efforts of CounterClockwise Music.  Everytime I
listen to these efforts I know that I made the correct choice in working with Mark and Bob
and I have the satisfaction of a sparkling new rockin' record.

Tim Young
Tim Young Band
June 3, 2008
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